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Ball Player for the University of Queretaro

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

We made a 13 ft. tall Mesoamerican ballplayer for the University of Queretaro.

Here you can see the process and a short description.

First, It needs metal support, and we fill it. We used plastic bottles and then polyurethane foam that I carved. The next step was to cover it with modeling clay.

On the modeling Clay, we added all the details.

My team was composed of: My wife, Mercy Manzanares, my sister Ana Manzanares, and my friends Benjamin Mejia, Raul Bello, and Enrique Hernandez; they all helped me to prepare the Clay, add details and in general, make this work possible.

Can you believe that we made all the modeling in just a month? It was some hard work, but there was more to be done.

For the bronze, we did a lost wax casting. Then weld and polish all the pieces before adding the patina. The bronze sculpture was over 2000 pounds, so we needed a crane to move it around and install it in its last place where many students come to take their graduation pictures.

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